Telling Your Employer Brand Story

Employer branding Have you ever worked for an entrepreneur? Someone who started a business from scratch with nothing but two nickels, a pair of worn out shoes and a huge measure of passion? Entrepreneurs know how to tell their employer brand story. They tell the story so well because of the intense emotional connection they have to the organization.

Storytelling is the best way to connect with candidates and employees today. No one is interested in another slick marketing campaign – they want to know what it’s really like to work for your organization!

When crafting your employer brand story or strategizing about your narrative, visualize yourself as an entrepreneur.  In order to make a meaningful connection with your audience, you’ve got to have the same kind of fervour and depth of emotion that the original founder would express.

“When you begin to talk in stories, your black-and-white words turn into color.”

Annette Simmons, author & business consultant

Genuine communication with real personality stands out. Find your voice and reflect your unique workplace culture in communications with candidates and employees. Take the time to develop a strategy to consistently share your employer brand story in distinctive and interesting ways to support your efforts to develop relationships with people, both inside and outside of the organization. Don’t forget to include where and when you will share your brand story – and don’t stop with social media and your careers website. How are your employees and candidates spending their time, both at work and outside the office? Meet them there.

Storytelling is about connecting with people. When you get storytelling right with your employer brand, it breathes life into your communications and leaves us wanting more. Start with your employee value proposition – it’s the hub of your employer brand story. Stay focused on your team, considering all the key touchpoints in the employee lifecycle. Uncover the defining moments that showcase the best of your people and organization in alignment with the EVP. These are the compelling stories your audience will want to hear.

Employer branding isn’t a campaign, it’s who you are.  Draw employees and candidates closer through authentic employer brand storytelling. You’ll develop relationships, differentiate against competitors and optimize organizational fit with candidates.


One thought on “Telling Your Employer Brand Story

  1. Community investement feeds into the brand story as well, companies want to support causes that are important to their employees and customers as well as speak to their values. I’ll have more to say on that in one of my future blog posts!

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