Adidas is Making Greatness Happen With Their Employer Brand

Adidas has been getting quite a bit of attention with their global employer brand strategy. One reason why? They are doing an amazing job telling their story through video. A visit to their YouTube channel provides plenty of content, but I personally love the series of super short videos highlighting individual contributors from the global organization in alignment with their employee value proposition.

In just 15 seconds and one line of dialogue, adidas creates an emotional connection, provides a taste of what adidas is all about and leaves us wanting more. I don’t know about you, but I’m definitely sold on the adidas group employer brand. Check it out.






5 thoughts on “Adidas is Making Greatness Happen With Their Employer Brand

  1. Strong employer brands are well aligned with the corporate brand. While employer brand messaging has a specific target audience, in the case of adidas – customers and employees can be one and the same.


  2. Great post, Manda. I have been following Adidas Group for quite some time now and I think it has to do with their strong employer brand – I can’t get enough of their story telling!


  3. I love these types of advertisements. Nike and Gatorade have done amazing ones too .The David Beckham / Lionel Messi soccer ones are amazzzzing. These really do help with a strong brand. The only thing is …how do they differentiate themselves from competitors and make the consumer remember. Even when I was watching this I was thinking of ones I had seen before and couldn’t remember which brand created them. They are amazing and inspiring but since they have been done before I find they blend together re: brand recognition.


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